Welcome to the Hub Page!

How to play:

  • The first thing to do when you join the server is to of course, vote! @ all of our voting links. :)
    That will give you some money to start out with as well as a few mystery crates that can win you
    tons of AWESOME prizes and gadgets. To vote, you can click on the voting links on the top of this
    page, or type /Vote in game and follow those instructions there.

  • The next thing is to type /Daily . This will let you claim your first out of 7 daily rewards that give
    you more money and more mystery boxes!
  • Server Selector

    Pick your favorite server!

    In this menu, you can choose a server that you would like to play on. If you need more details, follow the steps below...

  • Right-Click the nether star in the middle slot of your hotbar when you join the game.

  • Left-click on your choice of gameplay!

  • Right-Click any of the NPC's that are in front of the donor board.

  • Left-click confirm to be teleported!
  • INFO

    Voting, Minigames, & Donor Perks

    • Voting
        When you vote on the SquadHub servers, you will receive rewards on the Hub, Skyblock, & DrugFactions. With more players and activity across the other servers, voting could be enabled in the future. In-turn, you can only type /vote on those 3 servers and have a reactive GUI guide you through voting. If you have voted and did NOT receive your rewards, please
        contact Sundaii through Discord HERE.
    • Minigames
        There are 3 different types of minigames and over 15 maps that you can play to earn and spend money on the Hub!
        Elytra, Parkour, & The Dropper.
    • Donor Perks
        Considering donating to the SquadHub? There are plenty of good reasons do to so. Donators get multiple perks on EVERY single server. Ranging from access to the premium whitelisted server, to access to world edit on the creative server
        and being able to place over 20 minions on the skyblock server. When you donate for the VIP Rank($10), you get all things
        listed in the package. When you donate for the MVP Rank you can specify how much you would like to pay (min $25),
        and you receive all the VIP perks and anything to be added in the future as well!! Any money that is donated towards the server is held in the server paypal account to use to continuously upgrade and develop the server and website. All donations can go towards hosting and internet expenses, website development, premium server-features(for all servers),
        advertisements, & server equipment.