Can I be Mod, Admin, or OP?

Unfortunately, the only position a player can apply for would be Moderator.(moderators become admin once they have proven they can handle the responsibility) With the moderator position, your job is to help us by temp-muting, temp-banning, and kicking, then alerting a higher up rank on the server of the occurance. You can apply to be a moderator here: APPLY Restrictions apply.

What do I get for donating?

You can view the rewards for donating in each tier. However, to sum it up, you receive money on EVERY server(except creative), you get world edit on creative. You get special cosmetics and gadgets in the HUB, as well as permission to join the premium whitelisted server.

If I donate now, do I get future things added to the donor perks?

Absolutely! if you donate now, you will still receive all future things added to the server that our VIP's and MVP's get. This includes all future premium servers, perks, cosmetic items, and money differences. I will never let a donator miss out on a new feature added to the server. :) Donate and purchase ranks here: DONATE

How do I join the Premium server?

Easy, you can join within the next 5-15 minutes after your donation of lowest tier [VIP] of $10. if your donation doesnt go through, please contact Sundaii on the discord. you will receive help IMMEDIATELY.

What do I get for voting?

You can vote on all 5 of our voting listings to receive randomized rewards in the Hub, Skyblock, and the DrugFactions server. These rewards range from money to keys to mystery crates of the highest tier. When you receive these rewards you can use them to claim in game items and make youre experience go just a little bit quicker. Voting also helps get our server to the top of the server listing pages and brings more players and donors to the server. If you have voted and didnt receive your in game rewards please contact a staff member and they will assist you immediately!